• Our impact at the state level can be gauged from the fact that we are working with 119,308 women and girl children.
  • Issue based work of ADITHI is on Child Marriage, Female Infanticide and Foeticide, Anti-Trafficking of girl children and their sexual exploitation.
  • A task force was set up by the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India to develop a policy for street vendors in part due to ADITHI’s participation.
  • Adithi’s continuous advocacy has given recognition to the sharecroppers, who earlier according to the Government were non-existent.
  • Adithi’s advocacy efforts have resulted in the fisherwomen getting oxbow lakes leased in their names by the Government. Earlier there was difficulty in even registering the cooperatives of the fisherwomen, now they are being registered and there is one women’s cooperative in each block of Madhubani district.
  • Our HRD workshops have resulted in a concept of a death cycle, which have generated many advocacy efforts at the infant and adolescent stage.
  • We have developed models for working with adolescent girls.
  • Adithi’s revival efforts for the three traditional crafts – sujuni, khatwa and cross-stitch have provided state, national and international level recognition to the home-based craftswomen.
  • ADITHI was invited to be a member of the Steering of the Planning Commission on Women and Girl children for the Tenth Plan.


  • We were the first to work with adolescent girls.
  • We were the first to document female infanticide in Bihar.
  • We were the first to look after and give in adoption, 29 baby girls who would otherwise have become victims of female infanticide.
  • We were the first to start a rural study center for tribals in collaboration with IGNOU.
  • We were the first to develop the course material in Santali language for NFE centers in Dumka district.
  • We were the first to develop the concept of “barefoot marketeers” who initiated the participation of rural crafts women in marketing of crafts from local level to international handicraft exhibitions.
  • We have facilitated Gogobaisi (a tribal women’s cooperative), Chaukhat (a tawaif daughters SHG), Naridhan(a registered society in Dumra), Mahila Krishi Vigyan Kendra, etc. – all women’s own organizations.
  • Introducing the concept of doorstep education in bihar and balika kishon chetna kendra (BKCK) to provide life Skill education. It became role model for many other organisation
  • ADITHI facilitated mapping and studies for leafplate, bamboo, rope in Jharkhand area (both horizontal and vertical).
  • Our effort towards decentralization is showing results as all 26 NGOs that we facilitated, nearly all are independent and autonomous and the rest are in process.
  • ADITHI provided livelihood focus to tawaif’s daughters.
  • ADITHI started working with adolescent boys in Chaturbhujsthan, in an effort towards gender sensitization at an early age.